Downloadable lectures on the craft of story to use at your own pace. Lecture package includes Slideshow with Voiceover, Audio Track, and Support Materials. $10 per lecture.

Our Lectures

The Writewell Philosophy: We believe that the first drafts of your story should be written by instinct alone, we also believe that revising for craft can make the story you instinctively told stronger, clearer, and truer. Therefore, we address one aspect of craft per lesson, each lesson including a slide presentation with audio, the audio track alone, and a short workbook so you can apply the concepts of the lecture to your own story.

100 Level Lectures

Introductory lectures to hone your basic storytelling skills.

200 Level Lectures

Intermediate lectures to deepen your knowledge of basic story-telling concepts.

300 Level Lectures

Advanced lectures on more difficult story-telling concepts.